Friday, December 08, 2006

Modding a Geo???

Yeah why not?? Its Like driving a go-cart on the streets and the mods are why cheap or have to be custom made. Ill be into the Turbo setup about $250 to $400 Denpending an if I need to rebuild the Turbo. It Should Push out about 125 hp Which is awsome because the stock motor pushes like 45 hp.

I can't figure out why I would rather mod my Metro than my 2.3 L Mustang powered Street Legal Dune buggy. i dunno

here are some good links for D.I.Y.

Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

Boost controller

Making Turbo Manifolds, Part 1

Making Turbo Manifolds, Part 2

this made me fall out of my chair "Leaf Blower Turbo"

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Gubi said...

What did you get for christmas? Update?